Valentine vs Vanity

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Reuben was busy on that valentine day sharing flowers to girls in their neighborhood. Her mother saw him and did nothing about it. She didn’t see it as very necessary to rebuke or stop him. In fact, he even brought some to her. She received it and smiled and said ‘boys and val things na. Well, little Reuben continued with this year after year. From flowers to SMS and from SMS to Valentine cards! Even during wheat harvest, Reuben would be busy looking for Mandrakes – love flowers – instead of being busy with work and harvest. The rounds and curves and boobs of those girls were his greatest distractions. He lacked self-control and discipline.

Soon, the girls started responding. Their response was wow – in exchange for the flowers they would give kisses and in exchange for the SMS, they would give a visit with a sumptuous meal; then summarized it with free sex in exchange for the valentine cards.

Reuben sees them off with rendezvous selfies in front of Mr. Biggs, Sizzlers and Grand Hotel. Check his Facebook and Instagram profiles, you will still see the pictures of Chizzy, Lizzy and Zerah displaying their half nude bodies in a hug with Reuben. In fact, they renamed him “Rubby the Rob” as they caption those selfies.

These started when he was 16 and now he’s 22! Young but guilty. He enjoyed the groove every Valentine.

Then in 2018 or is it 2019 Valentine or so?, Reuben, now ‘Rubby the Rob’ grew a little bit wild. The girls could not satisfy him again. Guess what? He set out for Bilha, his father’s youngest wife! Bilha was young, beautiful and sexually active. She knows the styles better than the girls. Reuben cashed in, dashed in and dashed out after having a 5 minutes taste of Bilha’s modern styles. That same day, his father heard it! Surprisingly he said nothing, and he did nothing.

Little did our dear Reuben know that he had sold his destiny at the altar of Valentine pleasures. Little did he know that he had moved from Valentine to Vanity. From that day, he became empty, living but dead, youthful but useless to eternity.

Days past. Months past. Years past. Reuben had sold his heritage on the cost of a flower and had collected a receipt of disgrace. Then, the day of blessing came. His father sent out a circular and invited all his sons to pass down onto them a generational blessing. Reuben was the firstborn. He would be the first to be blessed but…

Instead of blessings, dear Reuben started hearing curses. He was destined to be great but he will now die small. He was programmed by heaven to be the great grandfather of Jesus but history will no longer recognize his name again. Eternity reserved a dynasty for him but a kiss from Lizzy destroyed it all. It was rough that day. For more than 30 minutes his father was looking at him in utter disappointment. Reuben cried, he wept but it was too late. He was his father’s favorite; the excellency of his power! But alas, he will no longer excel. No more progress, no more increase. He moved from blessings to curses. When his turn was over, his father faced the others and indeed blessed everyone; everyone except Dear Reuben!

Let me ask that Reuben, who is in 300 Level reading this now: Why will you receive curses in the day of your blessings? Why will you enjoy a pleasure today that will bring you pain tomorrow? Why will you destroy your future in the face of a flower?

That God had been silent and allowing you to have your ways does not mean that he is not taking records. He knew about that casual sex, that unintentional abortion, and those convincing lies. I want you to know today that God is both a recorder and a rewarder. One day, you will reap whatsoever you’re sowing.

Don’t move from glory to shame. Don’t let a single day bring you a lifetime regret. Don’t move from Valentine to Vanity!

Jesus is calling, please answer him.

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