The effect of evil communications

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Genesis 38:1-23
Please let me share three contributions from my personal reflections of the above passage. It has a lot to do with your relationship.

1. Say No to Hirah’s friendship!
After suggesting that Joseph be sold, Judah relocated to Adullam (meaning: Justice to the People) and became a friend of Hirah (meaning: A Noble Family). Was he really just after plotting the destruction of his own noble family? Note that the journey to Adullam was a downward journey – a trip without God is a trip to destruction! The easiest way to meet this destruction is through a bad friend orchestrated by the devil. Hirah means nobility but he was certainly a bad friend! He bears a good name but shows a bad character! He accompanied Judah to a ‘harlot’, waited for him to bargain and have sex with her, later accepted to deliver the bargain of the prostitution and when it could not be delivered, he connived to cover up the atrocity! What a ‘noble’ man living in a ‘just’ land! Irony indeed.

2. Say No to Unrighteous Ambitions!
It was clear that ‘greed’ was Judah’s motivation to go down to Adullam. How? He saw a young girl whose father was named Shuah (meaning: Wealth) and without asking her name he insisted on marrying her! In fact, KJV said ‘he took her and went in unto her’ – sharp sharp! A marriage engineered by wealth and affluence cannot stand the test of time. After having two babies and wealth could not fill everywhere, Judah was probably disappointed, so he decided to ‘relocate’ again. This time to a place called Kezib (meaning: Falsehood). It is clear that those who are lead by greed are leading a false lifestyle. It is possible that Hirah, the bad friend was with Judah when he went to Kezib. There the unnamed wife had a third baby and Judah named him Shelah (meaning: Petition, a request). And I asked ‘what is Judah requesting this time?’. He should have been repenting instead of requesting! Several times we request in sin forgetting that the prayer of an unrighteous man is an abomination unto God. Our prayers are filled with request, request and request – carnal request for cars, houses, more money, more cloths – even in the face of several unrighteousness we should be repenting from! Check your prayers today – are they filled with greedy requests or genuine repentance!

3. Say No to Compromise!
Before Shelah was born, while in Adullam Judah had his firstborn Er (meaning: Awake! Be Watchful!) and his second son Onan (meaning: Strength! Be Strong!). The two sons could not live up to their names. Er was certainly influenced by the evil practices of Adullam and the advices of people like Hirah, his father’s best friend. He was not watchful and so he became as wicked as they were. Same with Onan. He learned their selfishness and professional sexual cheating patterns. You know the story well- God slew them. How many of us today are like Er and Onan? God called us to be watchful, be awake, be sober, be vigilant for your enemy is like a roaring lion seeking for whom he may devour! Be strong, resist that devilish temptation, stand firm in the faith for you know that your brothers all over the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings. You are in the world but you are not of the world! Why allow the world to infiltrate you? Why become like them? Why have you suddenly started to dress, talk and exchange gestures like them? Have you forgotten you are different? Have you forgotten that you are a Bible person, a brother or sister of ‘No Compromise’?

God bless you.

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