Who should attend? Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, Bible Teachers, Theological students, Christian IT Practitioners and Lecturers, Church Webmasters, all Christian Leaders in CAN/PFN, Parents and Youth Leaders in Churches, Fellowships and Organizations.

Background: The impact of the computer technology has fast grown far above the radio, television and print media areas of witnessing in recent times with several advantages. Internet Evangelism and Cybermissions have been practiced since 1992 following the advent of the Internet. Today, as the knowledge and usage of the internet increases, this area of mission has equally increased especially in the western world. In 2006, the Webpulpit from Nigeria cued in and started pioneering the establishment of digital missions through the internet all over Africa. We believe that engaging with you using real life examples of effective evangelism on the Internet will stir you up to appreciate the potentials of using the World Wide Web to evangelize.  This will impact not only people on the other side of the continents, but also on people in your own community. To achieve this, Salem University Lokoja in collaboration with Web Missions International has designed an interactive practical course to train Christian leaders and Ministers in the art of ministering online.

Training modules – curriculum to be covered:

Code Course Title Units
IEC 102 Web-Ministry Planning and   Implementation 5
IEC 103 Theology of the Cyberchurch and   Missions 3
CBC 101 Web Development & Ministry   Marketing 5
CBC 102 Psychology of the Cyberspace   and Internet Security 4
CBC 104 Entrepreneurship 3
IEC 105 Mission Project (Progressive) 4
Total Units 24

Course duration: 3 days. Thursday: Arrival, Keynote addresses & Introductory Lectures. Friday: Morning, Afternoon and Evening Sessions. Saturday: Morning, Afternoon and Evening Sessions

Lecture Venue: Camp Centre: Available places in your area as maybe determined by your Area Liaison Manager

Skills/Competencies to be acquired:

The following professional/technical skills will be acquired at the end of this course:

  • Good Computer and Internet Usage
  • Website design and blogging expertise
  • Online business and marketing skills
  • Internet security measures and Privacy Protection Intelligence
  • Social Media Networking and Interactivity
  • Entrepreneurial skills for job creation and wealth generation
  • Proficiency in Cybercrimes management

Resources/Tool-kits to be provided: E-books and Standard Course Materials are available for each course. In addition, the following tool-kits will be provided for participants in a Jumbo DVD:

  • 15 Videos on Internet statistics, how to build an effective evangelistic church website and several online mission trips/promos
  • 7 MP3 Audios from Internet Mission Conference
  • 4 Professional Software on Web/Graphics creation

Qualifications for Participation:

  1. Ability to read and write
  2. Interest in Computers and internet. Computer literacy is an advantage
  3. Must be a Christian in Africa within the categories listed in section one above
  4. Ownership of an internet enabled palmtop/laptop is an added advantage. Participants are advised to come along with their laptops.

Facilities for Training Delivery:

  1. Multimedia projector lecture delivery with internet facilities
  2. Serene Learning Environment
  3. Stand-by Generator
  4. University-based instructors

Please Note: Hotel accommodation and feeding are provided by the host Area Liaison Manager for all facilitators.

Certification: At the end of the training, there will be Course Evaluation Exercise by Web Missions Africa. Successful participants will be issued with a Certificate of Proficiency in Internet Evangelism and Cybermission to practice as Web Evangelists or Cybermissionaries of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in accordance with Matt. 28:19. You will be able to articulate and create a viable strategic plan for your own Cybermissions and implement it with minimal funding.

Career Prospects and Openings:

  • Successful participants may add to their name the “CWME” tag – Certified Web Missions Evangelist.
  • Skills obtained will enhance sitting for and passing the Certified Internet Webmasters Professional Examination.
  • Successful participants may progress to work as E-commerce Consultants, E-advertising agents or Independent Freelance Developers and earn money designing websites for Organizations and Businesses.
  • Membership to the International Internet Evangelism Associations and affiliation with several Online Digital Outreaches.
  • Opportunities to serve as technical adviser to Law Enforcement Agencies, ICPC, EFCC, etc may be available
  • Successful participants can also work as Web Missions Consultants, developing and delivering training modules in digital missions

Course fee: Course materials are very affordable. Application Forms are available.

For further enquiries, call any of the following numbers:  08032618951 or 09030797424. You may also register or download application form online at: