Web Missions Africa is focused on digital evangelical revolution for the church in the new millennium. Doing outreaches on the internet is our goal and winning souls through the cyber is our mandate. We achieve this through implementing online platforms for churches and ministries and hosting conferences that stress on freedom from electronic vices like pornography and internet crimes. We have great testimonies from our seminar presentations at various places all over Nigeria and are covering other African nations indeed.

Outreaches of the Web Missions Africa includes

  1. The annual Internet Missions Conference (African edition) with yearly conference digests
  2. Certified Training in Internet Evangelism/Cybermissions
  3. Sensitization/Mobilization Seminars across churches
  4. The quarterly bulletin “Digital Natives Today” for youths and families.
  5. The Lovelift Mentors’ Room on WhatsApp and the Lovelift Summits with the classical devotional on relationships “My Lovelift”