Introduction to the Book “My Sister, My Spouse”

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My Sister, My Spouse By Emeka & Nkeiru Ogbuju

This little book is intentionally frank on the issues of sexual purity from insights based on God’s word. We wrote it for young people especially for those who are friends, engaged couples or contemplating marriage. It should be read by all who wish to really have a holy wedlock indeed. The message it contains is unique, succinct and simple. It gives basic understanding on creating sound family relationship among young people.

First, you must understand that you are a father or a mother by creation. Second, you will at one time in your life have a son or a daughter as your friend in the name of being engaged for marriage. God expects you to treat this friend as a brother or a sister with an absolute purity. So, as a brother, you have two responsibilities once you get engaged – fathering your daughter and brothering your sister. Likewise, as a sister, you will have same two responsibilities once you get engaged – mothering your son and sistering your brother. You must continue to do these two things until the wedding day when you will become a spouse. Then your new assignment starts – being a husband or a wife. Until the wedding night, this assignment must not suffix. One prominent mark of being married is having sex. Sex is not created to be between a father and a daughter, a mother and a son or a brother and a sister.

You must note as a single Christian brother or sister that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corin. 6:19 – 20) and every part of your body is a member of Christ Jesus (1 Corin. 6:15 – 18). The Holy Spirit is indeed your first spouse. You must glorify Jesus with your body by keeping it free from any form of sexual defilement. Again, you must keep your body for your life’s partner. Preserve the pleasure of sex for your married life. Sex is holy only in the confines of marriage. Premarital and extramarital lovemaking is against God’s standard – when you do so, you are regarded as a prostitute. It is God’s will to have you kept as a garden enclosed for your spouse. It is equally God’s will to have you enjoy your relationship in all holiness, preserving your virginity for your spouse. This is the message of this little book.

Enjoy it and recommend it to your friends.


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