Testimonies from our Lovelift WhatsApp Group

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lovelift1I heard about Lovelift online and I requested to join. Truly I have never regretted joining. Lovelift had taught me a lot about patience and prayer. I had learned love as never before. The change is evident in my relationship. Thank you to Rev and to all the teachers in the group.
Bro. E.E

Lovelift has taught me a lot about life itself. Without lovelift, the development of love, care, endurance and every other fruits of love would have been impossible for me. Lovelift are the windows of relationship “light” as the poet said “erected in the sea of time”. Lovelift is my teacher, my companion, my family, my role model. Above all, lovelift is the banker of the TREASURES in my heart.
Princess Ann Onimisi

Lovelift has done a great job in my life! Lovelift had thought me how to manage a relationship in the way of the Lord. Whenever I will get into a marital relationship, I believe that with the things this group had helped me to know, I will be capable and fit to manage it well. Even now, I extend lovelift messages to help some of my friends in relationship, teaching even the married on how to handle their marriages. Lovelift has turned me into a marriage counselor among my friends. Hallelujah!!! God bless LOVELIFT! God bless Rev Emeka Ogbuju and all the other mentors here.
Fagbamila Samuel

Lovelift has helped me increase in knowledge in things pertaining to love, relationship and marriage. Lovelift is a place to be if you want to gain broad knowledge in things pertaining to relationship. I am being prepared for a glorious marriage. Thank you my Lovelift!!! Indeed a place to be raised in love.
Emmy Wealth

Lovelift has really helped me a lot in my marriage. Since I join this godly group, I have learnt to apply all that has been taught here in my marriage, and like magic it works!! Lovelift has made me a marriage counselor. Thanks to Lovelift. You are indeed a group to belong.
Mrs. Glory Chinaka

She walked in looking rash, soft faced but rather too stern to be friendly. There is no likelihood of gentility in her but alas! She carries with her a box completely full of  knowledge of how a man can live in this world of fakes, cheat and high degree of deception yet succeed as many times as the man desires. My romance with her is broadening my horizon and knowledge about life in its entirety. She is wisdom yet with her is love, care, friendship and above all a family I will ever live to cherish. People fined in her a friend that sticks. She has become a part of me I could hardly go a day without hearing from her. Each time I get drowsy and confused about my love life, I go through her box to see great revelations that keeps me going. I now know the cost of love and why I can’t depend on the external alone to generate this kind of love that is now very infectious. I can hardly get hurt because I am being transformed by her consistent and persistent desire to change me. She taught me to love and not expect love in return, even though it will surely come. She thought me to think before I speak, look before I leap. Today the stories that broke homes are my foundation for a stronger union. I am better than I was before she came walking through my path. She is my wisest companion because she has become a channel of wisdom by the Holy Ghost. I will keep her close always and cherish her always. Her name is Lovelift!
Daniel Ikechukwu Nwankwo – Godboy

I am in lovelift because they celebrate me. They make me feel valued. Every contribution I make is appreciated. I think I have found a unique family indeed. I take their early morning prayers as a personal meditation and I have seen amazing changes in my life and relationship. Thank you all for the privilege.

At lovelift, I found a very warm family. A family filled with wisdom and inspiration. Every evening as I read through their chats, I smile and smile and smile again. I learn daily from all of you at Lovelift. I never knew that online chats and pinging can be so meaningful and life changing.

Lovelift has really broaden my knowledge in the all important matter of relationships as I read comments and make contributions. I have learnt so much! Some questions from members have driven me into further research and that has often opened me up to fresh revelations about the subject matter. It has enhanced my family life too. God bless Lovelift! Long Live Lovelift! Seven hearty Cheers!!!
Pastor Emma Itodo

We started Lovelift by the leading of the Holy Spirit on 31st December 2014 as a means of our Mobile Discipleship Strategy in Web Missions Africa and within one year Lovelift had grown more than I can imagine. Each time I teach and answer questions in the sessions I receive willing responses and I discover I am growing more and more with fresh insights to live by within my family and to share with others. Our admins bring a lot of discipline into the whole process and our mentors are really expanding my view of a happy married life.
Rev. Emeka Ogbuju

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