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Lovelift is the broadcast ministry of Web Missions Africa hosted by Emeka Ogbuju. We have a popular Facebook page at mylovelift!

The vision  is to engage one hundred thousand listeners weekly with transformational broadcasts on multiple platforms and stations across the globe in 2015

The Mission Statement is to deliver life changing audio broadcasts on living the love life for young people in marital relationships and enjoying a happy married life for couples

We have a popular Facebook page at mylovelift!

Release Strategies 
1. Weekly upload at several podcasting websites e.g.


Evang Emeka Ogbuju

2. Weekly air in radio stations 

3. Download links from the ministry website at 

4. Burning series into CDs and DVDs for pod-seminars 

5. Sharing podcasts across mobile platforms and social networks e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook

6. Uploading message transcripts at the ministry website for downloads e.g. PDF

7. Promote related songs and advertisements.

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