How to start digital missions

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Internet Missions is for everyone who is born again and is called to save others. It is a call to evangelism and soul winning. It requires passion for the lost. The internet is not a message in itself; it is only a medium. It is a channel for sharing our faith with the online community. So, if you have a leading to obey the great commission by using the internet as a platform for evangelism, you need to do the following:

Take five (5) steps:

See the internet as a virtual world where real people operate and develop burden for the work of soul winning. It is about salvation of souls not about the technology of computers

Log online and browse through Cybermissions websites. Register as a member; subscriptions are free. They will offer you relevant materials and trainings on how to get started at various levels. Some of our websites includes (owned by Web Missions Africa). You can register on our website by using the contact page.

Host your own website (or even a free blog) and proceed to do same for your church or ministry. Every church needs a website because the gospel must be preached on the wings of technology! The website will serve as a platform for your messages on the internet. You may use for your website services; it is a Christian web hosting company.

Join the social networks and use them wisely, avoiding addictions. See yourself as a missionary anytime you are on the social network. You may use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or any mobile platform like WhatsApp and 2go. Create, join, like or follow Christian online groups on the social networks like Joyce Meyers, Myles Munroe, TDJakes, Joel Osteen, etc

Grow in prayers and publish gospel contents daily or weekly. Ensure you post a Christian content every week – make it your goal – you may be blessing a life you may never see in your lifetime.

Posting a gospel content can be a rewarding experience you will ever live to enjoy. We enjoy doing it.

Thank you for reading our post!

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