Divine guidance for your family, part 2

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Welcome to this last part of the 2016 four parts Christmas reflection series. This year we focused on families. We had learned great lessons from Joseph and Mary. We noted that Joseph lived by prophecy and by revelation. Here we will focus on living by revelation.

The life of Joseph was heavily guided by revelation and every step he took fulfilled a prophecy. He was so sensitive to the spirit that he never took a decision without being commanded in the dream. Every husband must see this truth and follow it as an example for leading a family. Joseph’s sleeps were not empty. His dreams were not meaningless. He avoided so many mistakes because of his accurate spiritual sensitivity. He avoided so many dangers because of his ability to hear from God.

Leading a family is a serious business and a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of the man. No man can successfully lead his home without God being involved. God directed every single decision of Joseph. All the prophecies made over his family were fulfilled because he wasn’t spiritually deaf and blind. God wants every man to look at Joseph this Christmas and learn spiritual sensitivity. A man who cannot hear from God cannot have a happy home. A man who has no connection to the word of God cannot cause anyone in his home to obey his voice. The word of God is the sure word of prophecy. Every blessings you need for life and godliness are encapsulated in the word. A man who cannot draw inspiration from the word of God cannot feed his family spiritually and may never direct them safely in life.

Joseph had a strong connection to the prophecies made concerning him and his family. He also had a strong connection to the Lord who declared those prophecies. In every instance, the angel of the Lord would appear to him in a dream and cause him to take steps towards fulfilling those prophecies. The problem with husbands and fathers in our time today is partial and sometimes total disconnection from God. Joseph married Mary by revelation, named Jesus by revelation and both guarded and guided his home by revelation. Godly parenting cannot be possible without an intimacy with God. God is a God of order. In every home He expects the man to be properly connected to him so he can pass directives to him which he must in turn pass down to his wife and children.

Mary is a great model of a submissive wife. Notice that every directive which Joseph received from God in his dream and passed down to her were all obeyed without questioning. Even when he woke her up in the middle of the night after having another dream and asked her to get the baby for a trip to Egypt, she obeyed without hesitations. A woman with a baby of few days old taking a midnight trip! Sometimes divine directions look insensible but its always safer to obey God. Cooperating with your husband as a wife to run the family is a great blessing. When you are married to a man who you are sure is connected to God, do not thwart his revelation or delay in obeying them.

Where there is revelation there’s safety.

May God grant us all a home led by revelation – vision and insights drawn from God’s word. In Jesus mighty name! Merry Christmas.

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