Divine guidance for your family, part 1

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This is the concluding message of the 2016 Christmas series. We have seen awesome lessons to learn from Joseph and Mary as individuals and families.

Here we want to see the benefits of seeking and following divine guidance in your family. Joseph and Mary modelled this perfectly for us. Every family is created by God and must be led by God through two principal ways – 1. Living by prophecy and 2. Living by revelation. We’ll look at the first part here; please look out for the second part to understand how we can follow prophecies as Joseph did. 

Living by prophecy
Every step Joseph took was in fulfillment of a prophecy. He fulfilled the prophecies of Micah, Hosea, Jeremiah and Isaiah. His steps were so ordered and directed that he fulfilled every prophecies concerning his family. None of God’s words over him failed to come to pass! I believe this is one of the blessings this Christmas will bring into your life and family.

You will live to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. All the promises of God over you must come to pass. None shall be missing! It is a great blessing to live in fulfilment of prophecies.

Am sure God had said some good and mighty things concerning you and your family in the time past; by the blessings of this Christmas we activate them unto fulfillment in the name of Jesus!

There has been persons who had received prophecies (even in the bible) but never lived to see its fulfillment. By the mercies of the God of Joseph, we declare it shall not be your portion, in Jesus name!

By the blessings of this Christmas, we release you into the season of the fulfilment of God’s promises over your life!

May lines fall for you in pleasant places and may God order your steps to his pleasure and into your prosperity. 
May your paths be the paths of the righteousness which is like a shinning light – shining brighter and brighter unto the perfect day!
May these few days of 2016 never withhold your blessings and may you walk in the divine order straight into your harvest.
May the new year 2017 open you up into the realm of enjoying fulfilment of God’s promises over life.

In Jesus mighty name! Merry Christmas.

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