Congratulations to Joseph and Mary, part 2

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We noted in part 1 that Christmas is not just a time to celebrate Jesus but also a time to congratulate Joseph and Mary. We showed three reasons why we must congratulate Joseph. Here, let’s look at four reasons why we must congratulate Mary

1. She was a young lady of purity, high level purity. She believed that virginity pays. In the midst of a perverse generation she dared to be different. There were peer pressure on her to join and ‘enjoy’ the pleasures of the town but she choose to keep her pride. She was always with the right friends both in school and church – reason why she got engaged to the right man who hold the principles of purity in high esteem. Birds of the same feather flock together! This Christmas, you need to evaluate your circle of friends. Do you have friends that motivate you to purity or those that defile your mind with impurities? Mary stood out. Dare to stand out.

2. She had a deep relationship with God. Mary was not just a church goer; she had a personal intimate relationship with God. She enjoys angelic visitations. Its only those who have a consecrated relationship with God that can carry the miracle that will affect generations. It is only those who have a deep root in God that can deliver the mysteries of the kingdom. Mary was not shallow – just at her words, just ‘good morning’ greeting, Elizabeth her sister got baptised in the holy ghost and the baby in her womb leaped for joy! As you celebrate Jesus today, remember he came from a woman of depth with God. And if you can develop depth with God you can bring forth fruits that generations unborn will celebrate.

3. She did the will of God in marriage. She was not materialistic. Imagine Mary accepting a marriage proposal from an ordinary carpenter! Am sure she was beautiful and may be well educated or more exposed than the carpenter (by the way her elder sister, Elizabeth, was married to the High Priest). And probably other men who were professionally well placed and financial buoyant had proposed to her. Even her parents may have wanted her to get married to a ‘better man’ just like her sister. But Mary knew what she wanted. She saw in Joseph the wealthy man and celebrity nobody else could see. Many young ladies marry by physical measurements. You can’t have a happy home by physical comparisons. You must see in your spouse the future nobody else sees! Do not marry for where you are, marry for where you are going. Do not marry for what you want, marry for what God wants for you. I congratulate Mary for choosing the right husband. It paid off later. When ‘disgrace’ was underway, Joseph proved to be the right choice. When there were no midwives for her delivery, Joseph proved to be more than a medical doctor! God’s will is always the best.

4. She was patient and also trusts her husband’s judgement. Better put, she believes in Joseph. How many women will agree to embark on such a journey without an adequate plan for accommodation? Joseph was walking by prophecy of the Messianic birth  – knowingly or unknowingly – but the beauty of it was that he had a woman who agrees with him. The undoing of any man is to marry a woman who will argue and disagree and vehemently oppose his decisions in the family. When there was no more rooms for them in the inn, Mary didn’t nag the life out of Joseph. I believe she was encouraging him instead. She agreed to put up with the sheep and goats while others were sleeping in the air-conditioned inns. She never compared her husband with them. She believed in him. And what happened later? They had a child that attracted wise men from the east with gifts of gold worth ‘millions of dollars!’ Hello sister, believe in your husband, trust his judgements; he may not be rich now but with your encouragements he will get there.

Thank you for being patient to read through this message. Look for part 1 and learn why we must congratulate Joseph. Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year 2017 in advance.

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