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Posted by: | Posted on: December 7, 2014

9 Steps to Freedom from Pornography

Are you caught in the vicious web of pornography online?
Find yourself compulsively buying magazines?
Do you sneak around to get your “fix”?
Jesus can set you free from your addictions.

Pornography is very destructive to your sexual life. It creates objects of people and sends false messages about what is desirable. It will steal your pleasure when you are making love to your spouse. This addiction is so dangerous that people have been known to go to great lengths to cover up their habits. They lie to
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360 Degrees Courtship & Passion Seminar

Common Interactive questions for discussions

1. What is the will of God in marriage? How do I know it fully?
2. Distinguish between dating and courtship
3. When and how can a Christian youth exchange gifts with another Christian youth?
4. Will personal hygiene and cleanliness have any impact on a marriage?
5. Can a Christian youth court an unbeliever?
6. Why is parental blessing and traditional rites necessary for a marriage?
7. How and when can a Christian youth proceed with a marriage outside parental consent?
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Dynamic Sex: Unlocking the Secret to Love

Guest Writer Series 1: Written by Rusty Wright

“How can I get the most out of sex? How can I have a fulfilling love life?” University students worldwide ask these questions. Why? Because both pleasure and emotional fulfillment are important facets of sex.

Sex is often on our minds. According to two psychologists at the universities of Vermont and South Carolina, 95% of people think about sex at least once each day.{1} You might wonder, “You mean that 5% of the people don’t?”

One way not to have a dynamic sex life is to concentrate solely on technique. There is certainly nothing wrong with learning sexual technique–especially the basics–but technique by itself is not the answer.

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10 Online Threats against the Girl Child

a call for parental and pastoral control!

The World Wide Web is gradually turning into a wicked wild world. The girl child is facing dangerous threats to her life everyday on the internet. The advent of mobile devices with internet connectivity for social networks has greatly increased these dangers. In fact, the more social networks she joins the more the danger she faces. There seems to be a fight to take over her social and moral life daily. It is sad to see that the church had ignorantly allowed the devil to keep winning this fight. However, we are here to awaken our spirit and put an end to this satanic victory with the mandate of Jesus Christ for the salvation of the child girl. To call for urgent parental and pastoral control, I will be highlighting 10 threats that face the girl child daily on the internet; they include: 

Pornography – This has been noted as the number one activity on the internet. Try typing “how to…” on the google search engine, you will be shocked to see Read More …

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Listen and Download Audio Messages

You may find below downloadable versions of my audio messages on with apostolic grace on cybermissions, full gospel blessings and marital relationships. They are 5 minutes to 10 minutes long and in MP3 format for easy sharing.