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Conference Digest 2015

We thank God and you for the success of the Internet Missions Conference (IMC 2015)

The three (3) sessions of the conference was well attended by about 200 participants in each session. Technical papers presentations were made and practical break sessions were observed. It was indeed Digital Dominion. We appreciate the collaboration with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria and Christian Association of Nigeria, Lokoja Chapters; and also the Kogi State Broadcasting Corporation, Airtel Communications and other churches/ministry organizations. Many thanks to all our speakers also.


Our conference digest has eight (8) quality papers. Our focus covers new technologies for effective internet ministry, strategies for parenting the digital natives, freedom from digital vices like addictions, pornography, cybercrime, etc and digital church platforms. It is a resource for every church/family library. You can get a copy at N500.00 only.

The conference provided an avenue for stakeholders to discuss way forwards in the internet ministry. We have announced the next conference with the theme: “Digital Connect 2016“. Pray and plan towards it.


Thank you for reading our post!

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The effect of evil communications

Genesis 38:1-23
Please let me share three contributions from my personal reflections of the above passage. It has a lot to do with your relationship.

1. Say No to Hirah’s friendship!
After suggesting that Joseph be sold, Judah relocated to Adullam (meaning: Justice to the People) and became a friend of Hirah (meaning: A Noble Family). Was he really just after plotting the destruction of his own noble family? Note that the journey to Adullam was a downward journey – a trip without God is a trip to destruction! The easiest way to meet this destruction is through a bad friend orchestrated by the devil. Hirah means nobility but he was certainly a bad friend! He bears a good name but shows a bad character! He accompanied Judah to a ‘harlot’, waited for him to bargain and have sex with her, later accepted to deliver the bargain of the prostitution and when it could not be delivered, he connived to cover up the atrocity! What a ‘noble’ man living in a ‘just’ land! Irony indeed. Read More …

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Introduction to the Book “My Sister, My Spouse”


My Sister, My Spouse By Emeka & Nkeiru Ogbuju

This little book is intentionally frank on the issues of sexual purity from insights based on God’s word. We wrote it for young people especially for those who are friends, engaged couples or contemplating marriage. It should be read by all who wish to really have a holy wedlock indeed. The message it contains is unique, succinct and simple. It gives basic understanding on creating sound family relationship among young people. Read More …