Break Sessions at Internet Missions Conference 2015

Posted by: | Posted on: August 29, 2015

The break period at the Internet Missions Conference will be an informal interactive session with 4 sets of People:

Beginners: If you are a freshman in computer and internet then this break group is perfect for you to get you going. A team leader will be available to help you and provide answers to your questions.

Intermediate: If you are computer literate already and you are seeking how digital media will help you grow your ministry or church, then this break group is full of practical advice for you.

Techies: If you are a technical person fully IT compliant then this break group is designed for you to meet others and deliberate greater ways of using technology for the gospel.

Communicators: The communicators break group are for those wanting to use digital media to reach more people through the use of chatting platforms. A lot of young people are expected to be here. A team leader will guide the informal discussions to highlight all security measures to be applied in online chatting/pinging.

So, tell me, which group would you belong?

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  1. mathiasogwuche says:

    It is welcomes development in ministering of God peoples, I love it, May The Good Lord empower us with His Grace

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