55 Years of What?

Posted by: | Posted on: October 1, 2015

In Nigeria, we learn how to use technology and not how to make technology. How sad!

In Nigeria, we import almost everything including the phone I am typing with right now but we don’t encourage export of our own little products which are even shabbily packaged. How independent are we?

In Nigeria, our youths are on Facebook arguing over Goodluck and Buhari; in China, their youths are in the factories generating revenues for their nation. How independent are we? Are we not being enslaved with technologies we can’t even create?

55 years of what? 55 years of dependence on foreign designs. 55 years of failing to think indigenous products – indigenous TVs, tablets and cellphones. 55 years of struggling to accept the maxim ‘good people, great nation’. 55 years of disunity, religious bigotry, crisis and insecurity. 55 years of tribalism, nepotism and ‘man-know-man’. 55 years of selfish political ambitions. 55 years of what?? What!

I think we should rather go for reflections than celebrations. Reflections to thank God for the few progresses we had recorded and to ask Him to make the next 55 years worth celebrating. Reflections to ask ourselves why are we being so dull to depend on other nation’s products? Why do we value foreign certificates over local ones? Why do we prefer foreign medical care over local hospitals? Can’t we make our nation like those nations we value? I think we should start taking our destiny in our own hands. I think we should all get involved. Nation building is a corporate thing. Can our leaders who had refused to retire kindly allow our concerned youths to get involved? We keep rotating the same set of people in the political arena. We neglect our youths and our youths themselves had given away their talents to frivolities. I think we should reflect on how we can celebrate 55 years of youth empowerment. Youths in China, India and Malaysia are creating jobs while youths in Nigeria are seeking for jobs! Nigeria!!! Think Youth EMPOWERMENT! Nigerian Youths!!! Take your destiny in your own hands! Think of making your own technology, your own product and package it. Start small but package excellently.

Nigeria, you will not split. Nigeria, you will fulfil God’s mandate. Nigeria, you will not only be the giant of Africa, you shall become a giant in the community of nations of the world. Nigeria, I will personally be a blessing to you. By the time I will be marking my personal 55 birthday, I shall be one of your great leaders in history. I am making my own products, my own technology and I am packaging it excellently. I am a nation builder and I am building Nigeria.

Join me.

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