10 Online Threats against the Girl Child

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a call for parental and pastoral control!

The World Wide Web is gradually turning into a wicked wild world. The girl child is facing dangerous threats to her life everyday on the internet. The advent of mobile devices with internet connectivity for social networks has greatly increased these dangers. In fact, the more social networks she joins the more the danger she faces. There seems to be a fight to take over her social and moral life daily. It is sad to see that the church had ignorantly allowed the devil to keep winning this fight. However, we are here to awaken our spirit and put an end to this satanic victory with the mandate of Jesus Christ for the salvation of the child girl. To call for urgent parental and pastoral control, I will be highlighting 10 threats that face the girl child daily on the internet; they include: 

Pornography – This has been noted as the number one activity on the internet. Try typing “how to…” on the google search engine, you will be shocked to see
that the first three results will be “how to have sex”, “how to kiss” and “how to romance”. It goes to show us that immoral sex is wittingly made uppermost to internet searchers. The girl child is used for this evil purpose. She is made to dress seductively as a model for sex market and in extreme cases her private parts are exposed for unwise men’s attraction and attention. Recently, Nigerian girls are involved on hardcore 5-minutes sex movies downloadable over the internet and shareable across mobile phone platforms.

Cybercrimes – Nigeria has been rated 3rd in the world cybercrime profile. This is being perpetrated by the yahoo-boys who are mostly undergraduate students and unemployed youths. We have a research in the International Journal of Cyber Criminality showing the operations of 20 undergraduate male fraudsters in one leading University in Nigeria. Sadly, the yahoo-boys are now being acquainted by the girl child as yahoo-girls. The yahoo-girls are more dangerous than the boys. In addition to extorting money and businesses, they offer their beauty and body for pleasure. Their ‘yahoo stories’ are more pathetic and very emotional to escape the attention and reaction of any victim.

Online/Virtual Dating – In a counseling session at a programme, I met a young lady who has concluded decisions to marry a man she met online even though she had not seen him physically. Online dating is going on daily on the internet with specialized websites for it. Without doubts, the girl child is a victim. In most cases, those virtual dating scammers will lure them privately offline and eventually rape, kill or turn them into baby making machines for ritual purposes abroad.

Sexting – Check the gallery of your daughter’s phone to see if she had any picture of herself half naked. Some girls take a picture of themselves either by demand or at will and posts them across friends through Bluetooth, WhatsApp or other means of file transfers. This is a new way of arousing sexual interests and attracting potential sex partners. Sexting is sending text messages or multimedia messages with a sexual content. In a Christian University where I was lecturing, a female student was expelled for discovering this practice. It is a bad image to womanhood to see a young girl in this practice. It is debase of a woman’s prestige to share her nakedness with someone over the internet.

Addiction – Some girls are addicted to pornography. Their phones are loaded with porn movies and sexual pictures. Some others are addicted to social networks. They belong to all groups in 2go, WhatsApp and Facebook. This affects their performances in education – they fail JAMB, WAEC and others. It also leads them to friendship with unknown persons and subsequently unwanted pregnancies and/or early marriages. Digital addictions does not only cause behavioral changes but also health issues like damage to vital body organs – liver, kidney, eye, heart and brain.

Online Masturbation – I was shocked to see this going on sometime in 2005 in a public cybercafé. A young man was invited to watch an older man masturbate himself through a webcam and afterwards requesting him to do the same. This goes on for the girl child as well; they use tools like the Skype to undergo mutual masturbation of themselves online. It is prevalent among lesbians, homosexuals and digital prostitutes.

Cyberbullying – Some ladies do what they do not intentional desire to do due to an ordinary comment of a cyber-bully. Anyone that gets you feeling inadequate, ugly or angry online is a bully. The girl child likes to be praised and appreciated for her beautiful picture on Facebook but when the opposite is given for it, it results to feelings of worthlessness, depression and not-wanted; thereby killing the real sense of self-worth and confidence of a lady.

Technology Crave – All young ladies wish to own a blackberry – curve or torch! They desire strongly to ping with BBM and chat all day. They have robust affinity for owning these devices for the sole sake of ‘class and social belonging’. This leads them to all manner of crimes and immoral lifestyles with someone that will get one for them. It is sad to note that most of them can’t even use up to 50% of the facilities of those phones; yet, the devil beclouds their minds with owning one.

Offensive Ads – Advertisement modeling is gaining grounds with using the girl child on bill boards and over the internet even if such image is not relevant to the advertised product. It is offensive to see a lady’s picture in her underwears advertising for a pack of stationeries.

Voicing – The beautiful female voice has been used for diverse satanic agenda on fraudulent propagation of some messages. Due to lack of employment and jobs, the girl child is not only being used for advertisement modeling but also faced with the option to market (using Voice-Over) any product that she does not even believe in, provided it is only her voice will be heard and not the face! These voice-overs are placed online as welcome messages to even pornographic sites.

To be a victim of these satanic threats is a choice every girl must make personally. Choose to please God with your femininity; don’t be an agent of the wicked wild world? To direct the youthfulness and innocence of the girl child aright is a decision every parent and pastor must make. Parenting and Pastoring in the digital age is a challenge we must surmount to God’s glory in order to secure a clean hope for our future generation. We must sit up and provide needed leadership for the girl child. God is counting on you.

Thank you for reading our post!

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