The Pain of Gethsemane and the Disappointment of the Sanhedrin

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The pain of Gethsemane and the disappointment of the Sanhedrin: A call to re-evaluation of your friends 

This is the second Easter reflection I am sharing with you. I believe it will be a blessing to you and yours. Feel free to share it with others as we celebrate the day.

1. Jesus had close friends but during his trying periods even his closest friends and his inner circle ministers could not pray for him; he was rather betrayed by one of them. That is the pain of Gethsemane. How many times do we gossip about our friends instead of praying for them in their trying times? Good friends earnestly pray for one another; they don’t prey on each other. 

2. Jesus belonged to a church. He was a very committed member and even teaches in some of the bible studies sessions. He host crusades and revival meetings in that church. Yet, during his trying times, it was the elders of that same church that handed him over to Pilate. They betrayed him and condemned him right inside the senior pastors office! They aligned with the government to prosecute him. That is the disappointment of the Sanhedrin. It is painful that church leaders play politics with the gospel today. Not just the leaders, the members were dancing the same tone. Yes, some members of his church were present during his trial but sadly they joined the shout for Barabbas! They choose a criminal in place of a saint, a thief in place of a teacher.

3. The government knew that Jesus was innocent. Herod knew it well and Pilate even knew it better. However, the politically correct Governor, His Excellency Governor Pilate Handwasher did the bidding of his people despite the First Lady’s revelation to free him. That is the wickedness of politics. Both the religious and the legal systems which were instituted for his protection failed him. The soldiers whose normal mantra was ‘the police is your friend’ tore his cloths and crowned him with thorns. How corrupt our legal system had become!

4. Before the final judgement, his best friend denied him thrice with the third one right before his very eyes! That is the heartbreak of friendship. While he was carrying his cross, none of his friends could be seen for help except a distant stranger – Simon of Cyrene – That is kindness from a stranger. The 11 able bodied men ran away while the one who orchestrated the betrayal had already hanged himself for the guilt of his betrayal.

5. Only few women of Jerusalem could identify with him along that painful Golgotha road. It was also those women who were courageous enough to visit the tomb. Thank God for women who can love even unto death. While fear could not allow his friends to request for his dead body, a once fearful Nicodemus who went to him by night boldly did along with Joseph of Arimanthia who is a righteous man in the government. These were friends indeed. Good friends don’t make noise. They show commitment, they show passion and they are ready to sacrifice their time and resources. They identify with you not just in pleasures but in pains also. They don’t condemn; they corrects, inspires, motivates and encourages you.

Re-evaluate your friends this Easter. It is not everyone who laughs with you are really happy for you. Check your friends list again and calmly identify who needs to be delisted. They appear as friends but they are enemies. Anyone who cannot stand with you unto death is not a friend. Re-evaluate your friends. And I pray that this Easter shall introduce good friends into your life and family. In Jesus name. God bless you.

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