Congratulations to Joseph and Mary, part 2

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We noted in part 1 that Christmas is not just a time to celebrate Jesus but also a time to congratulate Joseph and Mary. We showed three reasons why we must congratulate Joseph. Here, let’s look at four reasons why we must congratulate Mary

1. She was a young lady of purity, high level purity. She believed that virginity pays. In the midst of a perverse generation she dared to be different. There were peer pressure on her to join and ‘enjoy’ the pleasures of the town but she choose to keep her pride. She was always with the right friends both in school and church – reason why she got engaged to the right man who hold the principles of purity in high esteem. Birds of the same feather flock together! This Christmas, you need to evaluate your circle of friends. Do you have friends that motivate you to purity or those that defile your mind with impurities? Mary stood out. Dare to stand out. Read More …

Congratulations to Joseph and Mary

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Christmas is not just a time to celebrate Jesus but also a time to congratulate Joseph and Mary.

We must congratulate Joseph because

1. He was a young man who believes in purity, absolute purity! He believes in no sex before marriage. A lot of destinies are wasted today because some misguided young men demand sex as a sign of love from ladies they don’t even intend to marry. Joseph’s motto was ‘others may but I cannot’. He was a true brother. Jesus is calling on all single brothers to look at his earthly father Joseph today and learn. If brothers in churches today can emulate Joseph, lots of sanity and discipline will return to the body of Christ. Stop demanding sex before marriage. Stop arousing sexual interests before marriage. Sex before marriage is not love, it is fornication! Flee all youthful lusts including romance, caressing, pecking and all that resembles it. Do not destroy your destiny for a 4 minutes pleasure! Read More …

Workshop Sessions

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The conference is loaded with skills acquisition and empowerment in the following area: the art of podcasting, tweetcasting, web design & hosting, social media and mobile minaistry, installation and management of online radio station, online payment systems, cybercrimes and personal online security, multimedia management and business blogging. Our resource persons have requisite set of practical skills in computing. Participants must come with their laptops, internet enabled tablets or iPads and N500.00 registration fee (per person); workshop fee is FREE! It is 100% practical workshop.

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Conference 2016 – Digital Connect

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The Internet Missions Conference has been an annual event of the Web Missions Africa since 2012 bringing together christian information technology practitioners to discuss ways in which digital tools can benefit the church and ministry. This year’s conference has been structured to basically feature practical workshop/training for church media team and all participants. img-20161106-wa0001

Date: Thursday 10 November 2016
Time: 3pm prompt
Venue: Destinyway Christian Centre, Lokongoma, Lokoja

We have structured four (4) areas to be covered within the workshop session by very competent and well qualified trainers. The workshop was expecting about 50 participants but more than 60 has been registered. You can register by clicking here 

Yours in building the digital church,

Evang Emeka Ogbuju (Director, Web Missions Africa, Host, Internet Missions Conference)

Internet Missions Conference 2016

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Special Invitation to Internet Missions Conference 2016

To: General Overseers

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that Internet Missions Conference 2016 will hold on Thursday 10th November 2016 from 3pm to 8pm (5 hours) at Destinyway Christian Centre, Lokongoma, Lokoja. It is just one-day practical workshop on how to effectively use the internet for evangelism, discipleship, church growth and ministerial businesses.  Read More …