Happy New Year 2014

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New Year Prophecies: “I see the power of the Blood of Jesus at work in 2014.”
By Emeka Ogbuju

1. There shall be a tremendous harvest of souls for salvation and deliverance. The grace of God shall be manifest to all Christians for effective evangelism and soul winning.

2. I see God taking away hunger and starvation. The people of God shall no longer give thoughts to what they shall eat or drink because there shall be a heavy supply of provisions. God shall plunder his enemies to give abundance to his people – the sheep of his pasture. The lord had asked me to announce the feast of gladness and to declare that the days of your fasting is over! I hereby proclaim “You’ve moved from fasting to feasting in 2014 in the name of Jesus!”

3. I see testimonies! God’s people will know the Lord as a man of war who never loose a battle. I see God delivering into the hands of his people a great bunch of keys to open doors of testimonies. Every day of 2014 will open up a testimony in your family. I see mouths ready to testify. I see hands signifying for testimony. Ehhhhhhhh….it shall be your hand!

4. I’ve just seen divine announcement. Several people who will serve God in faithfulness this year shall be taken up to the global scene. Yes, their local faithfulness will translate into a global favour for them. I see God’s people been noticed….noticed!! God is breaking every obscurity and covering. You will understand Divine Favour in 2014 indeed.

5. There is a grace upon 2014 – it is called the grace of fulfillment. In fact, every word of the Lord you can remember over your life shall be fulfilled this year. This is your appointed year. It is the year of the Lord’s favour.

6. Finally, I see what I’ve just called “divine danger” sign over God’s people. On it is written ‘touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm’. God had just given his angels charge over his people with a fresh mandate of divine security. You are covered with the blood of Jesus. In the face of danger, no harm shall come upon you or your family. Your career is secured. Your business is protected.

Celebrate the power in the Blood!

Happy New Year from Web Missions Africa!

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