Every youth must be word based

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Current Trends: Give us word-based youths oh Lord!

Take notice of this: most of the youth programmes today are praise concerts. They gather, sing, shout, dance and go – remaining just the same. Check out: you will hardly see any youth program basically for teaching and studying God’s word. Host such a programme and they would never show up. The word of God is boring to them. They claim to be Christians but they lack genuine christian character. They claim to be ‘gospel singers’ while in essence they are entertainers. They claim to be ‘worship ministers’ but they are actually music stage performers.

Sometimes when I listen to their so called ‘albums’ I see confusion instead of connection. I see imitation instead of inspiration. When they manage to play the instruments in their local church, they would demand for money! What a mess!! When the elders refuse, they would start going from one pentecostal church to another looking for someone to pay better. Gone are the days when we see fliers bearing ‘youth prayer conference’, ‘singles retreat’ and ‘youth discipleship’.

I am just concerned – where are we leading our youths to? Almost everyone of them thinks that the only talent worth showcasing is ‘singing, dancing and swaggering’. Does it mean that we do not have young people who could be mighty in the word of God – youths who are called to be teachers and preachers of the word with spectacular insights and miracle gifts? Where are the David Generation – those who could both sing and lead a clean life. Where are the Daniel Generation – those who could not sing but changed the heart of Kings. Does it mean that we have lost the Samuel Generation – those who can refuse to be negatively influenced by Hophinia and Phinehas peer pressures.

I think that our youths should look up and think out of the box. You are not your friend, you are yourself! Don’t sing because you have a nice voice. Don’t sing because you want to showcase your new ego. Sing because you are called to worship. Sing because you are called to minister. Move away from stage performance and get in to serve the body of Christ with humility and meekness. Stop singing to impress the world and stop using their tunes and lyrics. Sing with the kingdom lyrics – sing hymns, psalms and spiritual song. Never entertain people, minister grace and life unto them. Above all, sing the word of God. Sing to prophecy the word. Sing to delay new mercies and fresh revelations from the word. Write your own songs, don’t just sing another’s. Be real, be word based.

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