Congratulations to Joseph and Mary

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Christmas is not just a time to celebrate Jesus but also a time to congratulate Joseph and Mary.

We must congratulate Joseph because

1. He was a young man who believes in purity, absolute purity! He believes in no sex before marriage. A lot of destinies are wasted today because some misguided young men demand sex as a sign of love from ladies they don’t even intend to marry. Joseph’s motto was ‘others may but I cannot’. He was a true brother. Jesus is calling on all single brothers to look at his earthly father Joseph today and learn. If brothers in churches today can emulate Joseph, lots of sanity and discipline will return to the body of Christ. Stop demanding sex before marriage. Stop arousing sexual interests before marriage. Sex before marriage is not love, it is fornication! Flee all youthful lusts including romance, caressing, pecking and all that resembles it. Do not destroy your destiny for a 4 minutes pleasure!

2. He was a man who hears from God. Hearing from God is a great virtue. Lots of mistakes are made and ample opportunities are lost because of inability to hear God. Joseph was never rash in decision making. He took his time to think through his intentions before taking actions. In fact, while he was still pondering over the matter of privately sending his fiance away, God spoke to him. It takes a patient heart to hear God. Lots of young people today are in a haste for everything. They forget that when you rush, you rust! They forget that your haste is your halt! Joseph was patient enough to sleep over the matter. In his sleep, God spoke to him and gave him the direction we are celebrating today. Don’t be quick to conclude. Don’t be fast to finalise. Always confirm from God first. We must congratulate Joseph and learn from him!

3. He was a great husband. Joseph took care of Mary all the days of her pregnancy to delivery. In fact, on the delivery day, he was the midwife! Am imagining how Joseph was busy that day running around to look for a space until he finds a sheep pen; put the fodder together, lay Mary on it, ask her to ‘push!’ and out came the baby. He cut the placenta, clean her up and place the baby on the manger! Wow! A young man who have not had such an experience before! What a great husband! Joseph puts forth an example for all husbands and fathers to follow. A husband must both show the way and lead through it. A husband must be everything to his wife and children – progenitor, provider, protector, play mate, peace maker and even midwife! Jesus is calling on all men today to take an example from his earthly father on this! Take your place as the man of the home and be available. Your family is both your fame and your future. Family is everything. Be the father to that family.

Look out for part 2 of this message and learn why we must congratulate Mary while celebrating Jesus.

Happy Christmas!

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