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About Web Missions

This is a group of passionate Christian leaders doing intentional evangelism online. Play or download our jingle here. We are sanitizing the internet waves with strategic outreaches.

Outreaches of the Web Missions Africa includes the annual Internet Missions Conference (African edition) with yearly conference digests, Certified Training in Internet Evangelism/Cybermissions and Sensitization/Mobilization Seminars across churches. Web Missions also publishes a quarterly bulletin “Digital Natives Today” for youths and families. Read More …

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Listen and Download Audio Messages

You may find below downloadable versions of my audio messages on with apostolic grace on cybermissions, full gospel blessings and marital relationships. They are 5 minutes to 10 minutes long and in MP3 format for easy sharing.


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Becoming smart with your smartphone!

I found this App very useful. I trust you will find it useful too.

“Looking for an easy way to share the gospel with those around you? The perfect complement to your favorite Bible app, God Tools puts some of the most effective and widely used evangelistic tools of all time on your smartphone! Included in the app are four booklets created by Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), one of the largest Christian missions organizations in the world.

Would You Like to Know God Personally? (target audience: general/college student)
Connecting With God (target audience: high schoolers/teenagers)
The Four Spiritual Laws (target audience: general)
Satisfied? (target audience: general)
The first three booklets offer a simple and straightforward gospel message, while “Satisfied?” helps Christians understand what it means to truly walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

God Tools also contains compelling articles on a variety of topics from, a popular website for
Read More …

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How to start digital missions

Internet Missions is for everyone who is born again and is called to save others. It is a call to evangelism and soul winning. It requires passion for the lost. The internet is not a message in itself; it is only a medium. It is a channel for sharing our faith with the online community. So, if you have a leading to obey the great commission by using the internet as a platform for evangelism, you need to do the following:

Take five (5) steps:

See the internet as a virtual world where real people operate and develop burden for the work of soul winning. It is about salvation of souls not about the technology of computers Read More …

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Upcoming Internet Evangelism Day

IE Day
Our annual  Internet Evangelism Day (IE Day) is set for Sunday 1 June 2014, this year, with the entire month of June designated as Digital Outreach Month.  During this event we seek to raise awareness of the amazing opportunities God is placing at out feet for reaching the world in this exciting digital era. This year will be a special focus on the potential for mobile technology.

For full details and tons more resources visit
Note: This site is much more than an IE Day resource.  It’s an encyclopaedic guide to digital missions and worth a permanent place in your bookmarks.

If you’re involved in a church, bible study group, bible college, outreach team we have heaps of resources  you can use.   So you’re not a computer wizz eh?   Don’t worry, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to serve in this mission field.
Here’s  what you can do during June …

Churches around the world will be marking Internet Evangelism Day on Sunday 1st June.   Read More …