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Posted by: | Posted on: February 24, 2019

Valentine vs Vanity

Reuben was busy on that valentine day sharing flowers to girls in their neighborhood. Her mother saw him and did nothing about it. She didn’t see it as very necessary to rebuke or stop him. In fact, he even brought some to her. She received it and smiled and said ‘boys and val things na. Well, little Reuben continued with this year after year. From flowers to SMS and from SMS to Valentine cards! Even during wheat harvest, Reuben would be busy looking for Mandrakes – love flowers – instead of being busy with work and harvest. The rounds and curves and boobs of those girls were his greatest distractions. He lacked self-control and discipline. Read More …

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Benefits of using Nigeria’s domain name, .ng

By Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr.

Having an online presence is a sure way to project your personal initiative or business to the world, be it nationally or internationally and at the core of this is a website that does the job of projecting the best of you online. Your website needs an address or a name if you like, hence the need for a domain. In having a website, however, one is left with the choice of either going for a foreign domain registry such as the .com, .org, etc., or the local .NG domain.

When I say ‘local’, I do not mean it in the derogatory sense rather, I mean it in the sense that it is a proudly Nigerian brand available in Nigeria and also of international value. Nigeria as a nation is blessed with a unique domain string known as .NG which is her Country Code Top Level Domain and we should be proud of this national asset. In a 2013 joint survey conducted by SMEDAN and the National Bureau of Statistics, it was found that there were about 37 million Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria. You can imagine how cool it will be if a sizable percentage of these MSME’s actually patronize the .NG domain for the development of their website with the national identity that comes with it.

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The 7 Forms of the Anointing

1. Parah – Anointing for fruitfulness. The anointing that end barrenness. The anointing that produce children, make your lands and animals fertile and ensure steady growth and increase. Gen 1:28

2. Koach – The anointing that creates wealth. The anointing that make money listen to you and serve you. The anointing that end poverty and penury and lack forever. The anointing that give you financial freedom and purchasing power. The anointing that makes you giver, a lender and not a borrower. Deut 8:18
3. Mimshach – The anointing that spreads and expands and extends. The anointing that increases businesses to global scenes. A very contagious anointing that advertises businesses. The anointing that markets an idea, a product and an organization. Gen 28:14.   Read More …

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Prayer and Projects 2017

Dear Beloved,

I bring you 2017 greetings of joy, victory and supernatural helps! We want to keep you posted with our programmes and projects for 2017. We ask that you please kindly pray along with us for their success.

Pray for the success of our Internet Missions Conference 2017 coming up on 7-8 April 2017. It will be a hackfest bringing together users and practitioners of IT to learn existing tools and re-strategize with new ones.

Pray for the entire Web Missions Team for divine guidance, supernatural speed and God’s favour on all their undertakings in 2017. Read More …

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Divine guidance for your family, part 2

Welcome to this last part of the 2016 four parts Christmas reflection series. This year we focused on families. We had learned great lessons from Joseph and Mary. We noted that Joseph lived by prophecy and by revelation. Here we will focus on living by revelation.

The life of Joseph was heavily guided by revelation and every step he took fulfilled a prophecy. He was so sensitive to the spirit that he never took a decision without being commanded in the dream. Every husband must see this truth and follow it as an example for leading a family. Joseph’s sleeps were not empty. His dreams were not meaningless. He avoided so many mistakes because of his accurate spiritual sensitivity. He avoided so many dangers because of his ability to hear from God. Read More …