Conference Digest 2015

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We thank God and you for the success of the Internet Missions Conference (IMC 2015)

The three (3) sessions of the conference was well attended by about 200 participants in each session. Technical papers presentations were made and practical break sessions were observed. It was indeed Digital Dominion. We appreciate the collaboration with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria and Christian Association of Nigeria, Lokoja Chapters; and also the Kogi State Broadcasting Corporation, Airtel Communications and other churches/ministry organizations. Many thanks to all our speakers also.


Our conference digest has eight (8) quality papers. Our focus covers new technologies for effective internet ministry, strategies for parenting the digital natives, freedom from digital vices like addictions, pornography, cybercrime, etc and digital church platforms. It is a resource for every church/family library. You can get a copy at N500.00 only.

The conference provided an avenue for stakeholders to discuss way forwards in the internet ministry. We have announced the next conference with the theme: “Digital Connect 2016“. Pray and plan towards it.


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Internet Missions Conference 2016

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Thursday 13 – Friday 14 October 2016
Time: 3pm daily
Venue: Destinyway Christian Ministries Lokongoma Lokoja

Learn the art of podcasting, tweetcasting, web design & hosting, social media and mobile ministry, church biometrics, automated church accounting, online payment systems, cybercrimes and personal online security, multimedia management, business blogging.

You must come with your laptop, internet enabled tablet or iPad, and N500.00 registration fee. It is 100% practical workshop. Don’t miss it.

…we are building the digital church!


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I want to believe that the PowerPoint presentation I sent on last step is helpful? I’m sure you are praying and have selected the contacts of those you like to share the gospel with. The next step is to get the people’s attention to develop a relationship with the aim of sharing the gospel. Building relationship is most important part of sharing the gospel online! I believe God wants everyone to know someone who truly follow Jesus, because they may not be ready now, but when they are ready, there will be someone close to help them to Jesus.

Using the DigitalSpace to share the gospel is quite different from the face-to-face personal evangelism. The cyberspace and digitalspace are pull and push technology. It’s a two-way communication platform. Meaning that, you must allow people to respond in sharing the gospel. Open ended-question is a good way to get people attention in a forum or online group, like “What’s life all about?” Direct question is also good for individual attention like “Would you want to know God personally?” Read More …

The Best Couple of the Year

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Part 1

Welcome to Nigerian campuses where little girls are practising ‘wifely functions’! Just visit the boys’ hostels and you would be disappointed to find out that it is now common for a girl to live in with a course mate. It is now common for her lover to give her the popular compliment ‘you look sexy my gal’ and she would gladly reply ‘thank you honey’ with a flirty voice and a romantic smile. Who is her lover? A 300 level student whose CGPA is barely up to 1.78! And they are aiming for the next best couple award for the session by the departmental association. So, the girl needs to live in with him to prepare along. Read More …

An Easter Reflection for Honourable Members

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Dear Senator,

It is my pleasure to bring an Easter message to you and indeed to all the distinguished Christian Honourable Members of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Calvary greetings!

This is my third Easter message and it is specially and respectfully addressed to you this Easter Monday. Let us take a reflection from the book of Mark 15:43 which reads: “Joseph of Arimathaea, an honourable counsellor, which also waited for the kingdom of God, came, and went in boldly unto Pilate, and craved the body of Jesus…(and Pilate gave the body to Joseph)”

Joseph was a fellow honourable member representing the Jewish people under the Federal Constituency of Arimathaea. He was a politician and a christian indeed. When all the friends of Jesus including his church leaders abandoned him, Joseph stood with him unto death. In fact, he performed his burial boldly. And the scriptures recorded that even though he was among the political class, he was not in agreement with the executive and senatorial decisions to arrest and kill Jesus without a proper trial, fair hearing and adequate evidences.  Read More …

The Pain of Gethsemane and the Disappointment of the Sanhedrin

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The pain of Gethsemane and the disappointment of the Sanhedrin: A call to re-evaluation of your friends 

This is the second Easter reflection I am sharing with you. I believe it will be a blessing to you and yours. Feel free to share it with others as we celebrate the day.

1. Jesus had close friends but during his trying periods even his closest friends and his inner circle ministers could not pray for him; he was rather betrayed by one of them. That is the pain of Gethsemane. How many times do we gossip about our friends instead of praying for them in their trying times? Good friends earnestly pray for one another; they don’t prey on each other.  Read More …